Our Bourbons

Declared America’s Native Spirit by a 1964 act of Congress, Bourbon has always been the heart and soul of Heaven Hill Distilleries.

Heaven Hill was originally established as a Bourbon distiller in 1934, and today the world’s second largest holding of aging Kentucky Bourbon sleeps peacefully in our 40 open rick warehouses situated throughout Nelson County, the heart of Bourbon Country.

By law, Bourbon must be made up of at least 51% corn and be aged a minimum of two years in a new charred white oak barrel, standards that were pioneered by early Bourbon makers such as Evan Williams and Rev. Elijah Craig.
Today, our brands named after these early Kentucky whiskey-makers exceed these standards, offering unique attributes of age, proof and heritage in an astonishing range of traditional, small batch, single barrel, rye-based and wheated Bourbons. And all are produced under the watchful eyes of father and son Master Distillers Parker and Craig Beam, the sixth and seventh generations of a famed Bourbon-making family.