Elijah Craig 18 Year Old Single Barrel

Elijah Craig 18-Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon, the oldest Single Barrel Bourbon available in the world, is bottled solely from one barrel hand-selected by Master Distillers Parker and Craig Beam, not from the mingling of many barrels, which is the practice for standard and Small Batch Bourbons.

What Makes This Bourbon so Special?

Only a handful of the millions of barrels of Bourbon aging in Kentucky have been allowed to mature this long.

A true super-premium Bourbon, Elijah Craig 18-Year-Old Single Barrel is well positioned to take advantage of the popularity of “Specialty Bourbons”.
The brand carries the name of Rev. Elijah Craig, the man who discovered the method of making true Kentucky Bourbon when he stored his wares in barrels that had been charred in a fire.

Elijah Craig Single Barrel is a critically acclaimed Bourbon, having captured the 2010 “Best Bourbon” and “Double Gold Medal” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, “Gold Medal” at the WSWA Spirits Tasting Competition, and was named in the “Top 50 Spirits of 2010” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

The packaging reflects the hand-crafted care that goes into the making of the Bourbon. The elegant oval decanter-style bottle features a cork stopper covered in marble-look closure, an impression of the initials “EC” in a pewter-colored seal and an intricate stylized corn filigree.

The Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon Full Barrel Program offers trade and consumer participation in the personal ownership of a full barrel of premium whiskey. Each barrel comes with a certificate of ownership, signed by the Master Distiller, indicating the actual date your barrel was filled and the number of bottles it produced.

The Straight American Whiskey category maintained steady growth in 2009 with 14.9 million cases sold. Premium offerings will continue to outpace the overall category as the economy turns the corner.
The brand receives support from an on- and off-premise marketing program.

Elijah Craig 18-Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon is available in 750 ml bottles and bottled at 45 percent alcohol by volume (90 proof).

Distilled and bottled by the Elijah Craig Distillery, a subsidiary of Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., Bardstown, KY.