Exclusive Bottling

William Heavenhill Signature Bourbon

Tasting Notes

Nose: Big boned, but lifted and aromatic. Some rosewater and coconut milk. Dusty/powdery flower petals and big eucalypt hit. Plenty of wood sap, burnt orange peel.

Palate: Scented. Plenty of grippy oak suggesting some age, then the dusty/spicy hit of rye. Dark chocolate, some mint, hint of vetiver along with masses of roses.

Finish: Lifted and long.

Comments: Great personality. Seems to have age but has the weight to balance. Whisky Magazine Recommended.

Dave Broom – Whisky Magazine

Nose: Intense. Distinctive sourness. Crab apple. Polished oak floor. Old library. Hint of varnish. Orange segments. Treacle. Caraway.

Palate: Sweet and spicy. Overcooked plum jam. Oak. The alcohol bite tickles the tongue. Water enhances the sourness.

Finish: Long, warm even slightly burning.

Comments: A rich bourbon, well structured but the strength is too high for me. Whisky Magazine Recommended.

Martine Nouet – Whisky Magazine

Evan Williams 23-Year-Old

Tasting Notes and Reviews

Nose: The oak plays major league here yet is not off-key. There is big spice and trademark Heaven Hill honey. Deep and mysterious.

Taste: Amazingly sweet and rich for its age. Still the corn is intact and very fine but the malt comes through with liquid honey. The oak is quite warming for the middle.

Finish: Medium length, solid oak and liquorice but the toffee remains sweet.

Comments: This is the grand old man of Kentucky. An astonishing whiskey that defies nature by holding so much stature despite all those blazing 100 degree Kentucky summers. It has no right to be this good: a real marvel.

Jim Murray – Classic Bourbon Tennessee & Rye Whiskey

“Nose 24: Unreal. This is really 107 proof? Well, I’ve just popped open a fresh bottle, so it must be….Not a single harsh or unkind note on the nose: not even spirit attack. Just the patter over the nosebuds of exceptionally well behaved toffee-rye notes, the odd kumquat and kiwifruit and…oh, some liquorice, as befitting its grand age.

Taste 24.5: A sultry delivery…at first. Then a cavalry charge of spices with rye and demerara at the rear; glorious!

Finish 23.5: Now starts to get a bit flash with the acacia and manuka honey making equal inroads into the drier vanilla. Just works so well with almost effortless grace.

Balance 24: Easily the best EW23 I have come across, and by a distance. Sadly not a single marking on the bottle to show which batch this may be. But if I were in commodities, my message would be: buy, buy, buy…!!!”

Total: 95.5

Jim Murray – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2011